OLu’s Ovature Scar

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12 thoughts on “OLu’s Ovature Scar

  1. Very nice……loved it….
    I especially love the colorful illustrations taught that was cool….

  2. Oh the fun of developing a scar, being sour and going to a Yell Bite Fest! All this Power developing activity taken down by a kiss! This was a very fun and enjoyable look at the different side of behaviors. Thanks for this comic strip!

  3. A kiss frenzy and smile carnival can turn your world upside down! A great concept for all the world.

  4. I always enjoy reading your comic strips with my little cousin! She can’t read yet, but she loves the vivid colours and cute face expressions. I personally like the meaning of the story: that you don’t always get what you want. That sometimes things don’t go the way we want and we might not gain anything. But still, we should try and be determined to reach our goal. It’s a pretty important lesson for children I think – to set goals and go on. The comic strip pictures it in a pretty entertaining way, which is why I liked it a lot!

  5. とても不思議な気分にさせてくれるマンガです。セリフが英語のようで、英語でなさそうです。ただ、カラフルで、何と形容していいか分からない動物が出ていて、それが何か彼らの世界では、とても重要なことが行われているようで、それをたまたま偶然垣間見ているような気がします。声に出して読めば、意外とリズミカルで、何度も読み返してみれば、意味が分かったような気がします。(いや、分からないか・・・)出来たら、横に彼らの言語の辞書があれば、もっと楽しめると思います。

    3回読み返してみると、どうやらBooo MarkがOvature Scarにならなければようで、それが彼(?)にとっては一大事で、Yell Biteに行けるかどうかの瀬戸際です。しかし、最終的にはそこに行けず、それはBooo Markがなくなってしまったからでした。そのYell Biteの中がどうなっているかかなり気になります。人間の世界で言うナイトクラブみたいなものでしょうか。女の子でもナンパするのでしょうか。いや、そもそも彼の性別は何でしょう。


  6. I really love the colorful illustrations. Very artistic and eye catching. It does have a lesson that everyone has to learn at one point or another in their lives. Our pains and disappointments in life make us stronger. What was once an open sore will eventually become a scar, just a distant memory and reminder of the past. Our scars show us how far we’ve come.

  7. OLu’s ovature scar is entertaining but not lacking in life lessons. I felt sorry for him as he could not attend the Yell Bite Fest, that was too bad. But, that stirs his determination to become the Rularee one day so he can come back stronger. In life, children learn that they would be defeated or rejected probably in competitions, friend circles, etc. Therefore they have to learn how to handle this losing feeling which can make them become tougher.

  8. 这篇漫画十分有趣,每个角色都非常有个性和特色。

  9. I’m sad that oLu didn’t get to go to the Yell Fest that he so desperately wanted to go to, but I loved his reaction to it as well. He was super confident that eventually he’ll be able to come back and fight against the creature. This is a creative strip, well written and full of life. It’s an interesting way to go about a plot, but it really makes you have to stop and think – which is something I enjoy doing. You made the main character very enjoyable, and someone to root for. Really good job here.

  10. OLu’s Ovature Scar really got a good kick out of me! When I finished reading it, I couldn’t stop giggling. The characters are all entertaining, and each has their own personality. I love oLu and how excited he was to get his first boo mark. All he wants to do is go to the yell bite fest, and he’ll do anything to make that happen. The smelly ball was a surprise, but brought more life into the strip. He was defiant in the end, and we got to see where that got him. Definitely going to check out some more of your stuff.

  11. I love this strip! It is entertaining, and also teaches a lesson. As a teacher, I can definitely appreciate this. The illustrations are amazing as well. The main character who received the scar and then got punished in the end really shows a deeper meaning. Along with being about positive and negative behaviors, I also get a sense of peer pressure in this strip. All of the others are playing with the horrible ball in order to keep their scars, and if you don’t do that and you lose your scar, you are on the outs. Well done!

  12. For a child’s comic, this strip certainly does touch on a lot of life lessons. You have a unique approach to storytelling, but this really shows how negative reinforcement molds a person to develop negative traits. That reinforcement most often comes from adults, role models, and guardians… just as it did for this character here.

    It’s a sad truth, but on the flip side of that there is a silver lining, for positive reinforcement leaves the same lasting effects… in a positive way. It’s something kids should learn early in life if they can. It will help them get through a lot of life’s hurdles in the long run.

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