Pink’s Party

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13 thoughts on “Pink’s Party

  1. Wow! This is nice. I like the attitude of Pink; she wasn’t deterred by the negative comments of Neeba and his friend, she was still able to make everyone happy.

  2. Quite funny to see Neeba later saying something nice about the party, he was really too fast to condemn the arrangement of Pink. Nice story you got here. Love this!

  3. He had another demeaning comment- ‘Do they know how not to be a mess.’ Neeba seems to be that friend that has something negative to talk about always. Lol. Thanks for sharing…

  4. What actually was fun for Pinky wasn’t an exciting sight for Neeba, they better learn how to work together and tolerate their differences if their friendship must continue

  5. Pink actually had a great plan for the party. I really do know that a party won’t be exciting without some noisy fellows who would help keep the environment warm and full of fun.

  6. Pink made everyone keep up the cheer without any consideration to the negative comments made by Neeba and his friend, and that is actually a great trait for any party host.

  7. I love the color combination used in portraying the characters. The size of Pink was also instrumental in ensuring that everyone played to the rules- that mother figure we all understand was actually useful.

  8. Beauty is actually in us all, just as Pink said. The story does have a good message to pass across. I also agree with the fact that a loquacious friend may really be the best companion for a party,

  9. The start of an event is really not a good time to conclude about its success or failure, and I hope those two friends actually learned that.

  10. Nice story. Neeba actually revealed the source of his frustration when he confessed that he was hungry. He actually didn’t eat before heading for the party, too bad. 😂

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