No ToooCha!

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12 thoughts on “No ToooCha!

  1. Can I ask where you made this comic? Like with what program? I’ve been interested in trying it out for myself but don’t really even know where to start and I can’t spend a lot of money

  2. it’s so cool how the boxes interact with each other and the illustrations go outside the lines. you’re an amazing artist with such innovative ideas. I love this comic strip!

  3. Is there anywhere else I can find more work from you or a continuation of these characters? I’m really interested in what else you have come up with

  4. I love the messaging behind this and think it relates too to how easy we are to judge someone who is making the same mistakes that we have then recognize them as a human being and try to help them out. I could be totally off here though with what you were trying to get at

    1. Hi Jas,

      I’m so happy you enjoyed this comic. All our comics are infused with love and we want you to take whatever message you see in them. I really enjoyed your interpretation. 😉

  5. The colors in this comic strip are just so wonderful together. Thanks for this great piece of art for all of us to enjoy

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