PeeNoor People #1


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15 thoughts on “PeeNoor People #1

  1. Your creativity is absolutely amazing, my dear friend! Every day I can’t wait to visit your site just to read more great comics..

  2. This is very creative and unlike anything I’ve seen before. It’s nice that it’s not typical and the humor is clean yet edgy. The font is a little hard to read but the content and illustration are top notch and quite professional. I found the country housewife who is actually bigger than the cow to be very funny. RIP Mrs. Gloria Fox.

  3. Very good! There is a lot of creativity in your comic. I like the different characters!

  4. Nice twist! I found the text a little hard to read though — I probably need to get glasses sometime soon. Love the odd cows with their rolling eyes:)

  5. Wow, what a plot twist. I liked this humorous alien story. Alien abduction cow vs human, I did not expect Gloria Fox to win lol. I love this alternative dimension you have created. I wonder what Peenor aliens are going to discover next….I hope it is not me….although maybe the gravity on their planet in space would help me win a race. Alien comics are my favorite. Nice job on this webcomic.

    peenoor people are great

  6. How sad she was put down after the race! Definitely doesn’t give the PeeNoor people a nice sound. I think it’s funny though that she won over the cow, but I guess it’s not surprising because cows don’t strike me as a fast-moving creature. Very funny graphics!

  7. I can think of many relatives that should be up in space being raced for money by PeeNoors. Not sure they’d be faster than cows though so they’d probably be put down pretty quick, indigestion or not. Lol Funny stuff!

  8. When I’m wondering where my relatives are, I’ll not forget to look up to the sky and just think “PeeNor Alien you better give me a share of your money if my relatives win!!”. Your next comic should reveal the secret of why the housewife won instead of the cow, knowing that cows are usually faster! I’m betting that it must be their diet! :p

  9. Very nice! Has some clean alien humor going on. I like how they raced the bigger “house wife” like a cow haha. The only thing was the font made a few parts hard to read for me. Not sure if this was an issue for anyone else or not. Either way I did enjoy it. I like basic/simple line art in comics. It makes it also kid-like. I will read the rest! I also like the bit at the end about looking up and being proud some humans are winning aliens money somewhere haha. What was your inspiration for this comic?

  10. Poor Gloria, apparently it wasn’t her day. Interesting idea, though, and your drawings are cute, but I had a hard time reading some of the text. Maybe a different font? Keep working on this, you’ve got a great start.

  11. Quite funny! How did the human win? You’d think the cows would be quicker, but I guess not everything is as it seems. I haven’t had any relatives or friends go missing, so I think I can safely say, I don’t know anyone that’s been or being raced.

    1. PeeNoor People are very disagreeable to just about everybody so a Cow will move very slowly with a PeeNoor on its back because of the queazy feelings PeeNoors give off! Gloria Fox used the queazy feeling of discomfort to build speed!

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