Winda’s Words (In GlŌba )

Winda Power-Final

Winda from the Book Are U A SWIMP?

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19 thoughts on “Winda’s Words (In GlŌba )

  1. Small things are cute, like puppies. What some people forget is that at some point, they grow larger 🙂

  2. I love Winda’s Words. Winda is such a divine creature, her loving and positive feminine energy really pulls in the reader. She is such an explorer and a curious one! This webcomic shows a good lesson is a cute way. I wonder what shenanigans Winda will get into next. I wish I could channel energy the way she does, if I could I would go on silly adventures as well!

  3. Okay, I am going to say that Winda is my favorite swimp because of her pure positive energy. Oh and that she happens to be my favorite color. So which swimp is your favorite (question to both readers and creator) Also it’s good in her case that shevcan take her words back and make it small again if she wanted to!

  4. Actually that green creature was looking very cute when he was small hahahahah 😉 BTW sweet comic with neat characters specially that small green one muahx 😉

    1. I Personally like the green one as well. His one eye is so different and really adds to his character.

  5. Oh my gosh this swimp is so cute. I love how he’s so kind and adorable and yet when things get “scary” he’s not deterred. I think this is a great comic for younger kids because it teaches them to be kind and brave at the same time. I also think it’s very clever how you’ve sort of alluded to the fact that some things people just like better smaller, very good.

  6. Good point! Things tend to be cuter when they’re smaller – puppies, kittens, chicks, babies, etc… Boo on leaving us on a cliffhanger. Lol I assume the swamp does not get eaten by the whatever that is….a sluggle perhaps?

  7. A very good example of be careful what you wish for! I’m sure Winda just wanted the best for this little creature, she didn’t expect that would happen though! Winda is so cute, I would love to have Winda as a friend, she spreads great joy and happiness to everyone. And she is in my favorite color — purple! 🙂

  8. When I first read this I thought about it and there is actually some pretty deep meaning to it. Like looking at something and seeing it as needing to be “bigger” or “better”. When you try to change something it doesn’t always work out the way you wanted it to. Again, I enjoyed the simple line art here. This one’s font was much easier to read than the last. I love Winda’s appearance as well. I look forward to reading more in the future!

  9. Lovely artwork here. Your colors are very bright and appealing. I think you should continue on with this particular comic. What happens next? Does Wanda get eaten by the fish? Do they become fast friends? Lots of possibilities. Fun Swimp Stuff.

  10. Is Windas the purple creature? I love her femininity. It’s beautifully portrayed throughout this comic and the drawings of her. I think she is one of my favourite creatures :).

    1. Hi Melissa,

      Thank you!

      Yes Winda is the purple Swimp in this comic. She is very loving and channels her power through the use of loving words.

      I am so happy to read that she is one of your favorite creatures, she is certainly one of mine. All Swimps are very unique and special in their own way, just like us. 🙂

    1. Thank You! I draw all the ” In Glōba” creatures with lots of love, they make me really happy 😋 Im glad you enjoyed this comic.

  11. Oh no!! Why are things so much cuter when they are small…like puppies and kittens. I don’t think any monster can be cuter being larger. Sad lesson to learn, but great comic!

  12. Sometimes things are cute because they are small… if they are bigger, they aren’t cute anymore! Think you proved that with this comic strip. Nicely done, and great pictures. Thanks for sharing another comic strip.

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