In GlŌba Now #1 “Happy Head!”

In GlŌba NowWeb-final“In GlŌba Now” is main news source for all creatures in GlŌba become a reader today! Oh no I think I hear a Boungee  coming!  Please run and think sad!

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23 thoughts on “In GlŌba Now #1 “Happy Head!”

  1. WARNING!! Cuteness overload for this beautiful character.. Your work is absolutely awesome!

  2. Omg.. This character is sooo cute!! Also he must be so clever too.. I love this comic!

  3. OMG, what an awesome twist!! So the Swimps have been protecting themselves all this time by thinking happy thoughts, but during a Boungee alert, they’ve got to monitor their thoughts and keep them sad or they’ll be tarted by the Boungees. Aha, the plot thickens and the environment gets even more interesting…

    I better subscribe to In Globa Now before one comes for me! 🙂

  4. Well, removing heads is not a good hobby, is it? LOL, they are cute little creatures though aren’t they?

  5. Awww….it’s good the Boungees are happy and having fun, but to do it at the expense at the loss of others’ heads? :/ So sad. Cute characters overall though. This is something my nephew would definitely like…cute, yet a hint of violence. Boys will be boys…lol!

  6. I’m not so into this one because I find it a bit wordy and all the names too much for one image. However, I’m not an expert but I definitely prefer the simplicity of your other images. The Boungees are cute and I like the Dooble Horned thingy but I’d be more interested if they appeared with fewer words.

  7. What an interesting world — I love all the detail and background stories that are put into it…it really brings the characters and ideas to life. The decapitation is a bit scary though, especially juxtaposed with all the happiness.

  8. Thought Hungry Boungee minatures are quite deceiving creatures! They are just going around being telepathic little sillies. Poor dooble hornedovature did not know what what coming, he was just thinking happy thoughts and the boungees crashed his happy party. Really great comic, the boungees in GlŌba now! are funny. Thanks for the news report, I will be keeping my happy thoughts on the down low lol. Boungees super power won’t be getting to me hopefully lol.


  9. Definitely a case of misleading! How can something be so cute and sadist at the same time lol! They look to be fun characters to have in the comic! So does anything in this world die or will the ovature eventually get his head back and go on with life!?

  10. ooohhh! That was one of the cutest creature I have ever seen in my entire life. Sooo cute. Obviously I don’t want to snatched my head hahahahah 😉 Simply love this…

  11. For being kind of evil creatures they sure are cute. Why do they steal the happy thoughts? And once they do, does that mean that you lose them? Very clever and love the animation 🙂

  12. At the risk of losing my head snatched and left thoughtless (I think this happened to me more than once in college), I’m going to say that the Boungee are pretty cute and colorful! A fun little comic!

    1. LOL, yes, college would be a good place for this to happen! You are right about that. I was trying to relate to the head snatching part, but I think you did a great job here!

  13. How do we avoid good and joyful thoughts with those Boungee around! They are too cute! I wouldn’t want my head snatched. I have to be really careful if I meet these creatures. I wonder what other powers the creatures of GlŌba have. XD

  14. Haha this was cute! Almost reminds me of the Oompa Loompas which their small sizes and being all cute but they are very mischievous! The Boungee’s work on happy thoughts? So if one is happy they will steal your head away!? Well I guess if I ever cross paths with one… I will have to just think bad thoughts then but I have a feeling it will be hard not to go “Aww!” if I seen one! haha Very cute comic. They are kinda like jelly beans (all different colors) with noodle arms 😀

  15. They have to steal happy thoughts? They must be very sad little creatures, or maybe just mischievous ones. Fun idea here – globa world. Keep working on it.

  16. There outside exterior is so cute and friendly looking… but how deceiving! Do the creatures in GlŌba get their energy from happy thoughts?! Sort of like a food source?
    There must be several happy head pilferage’s whenever they need a refill!

  17. Definitely going to watch my thoughts all the time! Those CUTE little creatures can sneak up on you any time. I don’t want to get my head snatched and loose my happy thoughts! Are your happy thoughts gone forever? Need Swimps to help?

  18. Well I don’t want my head snatched, but the characters are kind of cute. Is this how they get you, with their cuteness? That’s pretty sneaky!

  19. But the Boungee’s look so cute! Do they have exceptional strength, or something? If this is them happy, I’m not sure I want to see them when they are angry. Thanks for sharing the cute, but dangerous creatures.

    1. Yes! Well all creatures in GlŌba are full of surprises aren’t we?! The emotion running through a GlŌba creatures “Glow Center” has a lot to do with the strength it has! If for example a Minature, Ovature or Intelly is doing something it loves it has tremendous power!

      Boungee’s are in the “Minature Creature Class” so they have the mind of lets say an insect. Boungee’s have fun without being considerate of others so they can end up squashed!

      “Ovature Creatures” are part of a Animal class and have more Feelings!
      ( like the Orange Dooble Horned Ovature above)

      Intelly’s are of the highest intelligence. In earth standards they would be like people or dolphins:)

      All creatures in GlŌba are full of wonder and awe, but please be careful!

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