Ah-Knew’s Swimp Lesson

A hKnewSwimpLesson1Ah-Knew is a Swimp who is trying to teach this baby Ovature to be a Swimp!

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What is a Swimp? Infographic

Swimp-InfographicLearn and enjoy more about Swimps and Glōba with this what is a Swimp Infographic….  Glōba  Created by tY lOnEy & pEtA-gAye

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Purpaula’s Tickle Attack

Purpaula's Tickle-Final

Purpaula’s Tickle Attack and her unleashing of the Swimp mystery word Poo Wee Tahh are all here! PurPaula is a kind loving swimp but she doesn’t really have a understanding  of pain! Ha!

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BlooBee’s Hidden Muscles!

BlooBee to the Rescue-Final

BlooBee is Swimp who gains strength through collecting Swimp Sparks from fun happy deeds! BlooBee is featured in the book ARE U A SWIMP?..

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In GlŌba Now #1 “Happy Head!”

In GlŌba NowWeb-final“In GlŌba Now” is main news source for all creatures in GlŌba become a reader today! Oh no I think I hear a Boungee  coming!  Please run and think sad!

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