What is a Swimp? Infographic

Swimp-InfographicLearn and enjoy more about Swimps and Glōba with this what is a Swimp Infographic….  Glōba  Created by tY lOnEy & pEtA-gAye

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12 thoughts on “What is a Swimp? Infographic

  1. Fantastic! I’ve read the latest comics but had no clear understanding of what Swimps are. This is a very useful guide to Swimps. I like how positive the message is and how wholesome the entire world is. This is a rarity in comics nowadays and I welcome the positivity. We all need it!

  2. Aww this seems so sweet and happy and positive. This is what we need more of in the world. They are right, when you radiate love and positivity in the world, that is all you can receive in return. They have an amazing and sweet reality that they live in. Love it!

  3. What a great way to explain what a swimp is. I think it’s a great message for kids too and that your joy spreads to others. And Poo Wee Tahh!–everyone has that amazing something that makes them unique.

  4. Swimps are very cute and I like all the sweetness in this comic. This seems really suited to small kids especially and something they would enjoy without parents worrying about exposing them to too much edge too soon. Seems like there is a lot that can be explored in this world of Globa.

  5. This is cool. I really like new comics and the fact that you explain what a “Swimp” is really helps you get into the comic.

  6. Aww, such cute characters! My nieces and nephews would absolutely love these Swimps! 🙂 And it definitely looks like we can learn a thing or two from the Swimps.

  7. I’m quite confused about what Swimps are and what Globa is but I really like the images. I especially like the final one – it’s very mysterious because we all want to know what that amazing something is. And I like the idea that love can keep you safe from predators. In fact the Swimp reminds me of Jiminy Cricket from Pinocchio!

  8. Aww loved learning about Swimps! GlŌba creatures really are amazing space entities. Swimp sparks need to reach our planet. It is so great they are help each other out. Love and Power empowering comic. WHOOGA. Swimps accents are actually how I talk, I think I might be a swimp. They are safe loving beings. It is great they all can find their unique power. I am going to try poo wee tahh to bring on the magic like the swimps do.

    Swimps are adorable

    1. I agree with you amandawink. They are so cute and even my kids thought the same thing.

  9. Thanks for teaching me about Swimps! They sound like fun, loving little guys. It definitely sounds like it’s worth becoming friends with a Swimp, especially if you’re sad. PO WEE TAHH! I might start saying this before amazing things happen, as well.

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