Purpaula’s Tickle Attack

Purpaula's Tickle-Final

Purpaula’s Tickle Attack and her unleashing of the Swimp mystery word Poo Wee Tahh are all here! PurPaula is a kind loving swimp but she doesn’t really have a understanding  of pain! Ha!

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15 thoughts on “Purpaula’s Tickle Attack

  1. Poo Wee Tahh!! This cuteness is overwhelming.. I just love your characters and your ideas.

  2. Hilarious! The kick was out of this world! This comic reminds me of cartoon shows in the 1980s like Rainbow Brite and Care Bears. Perhaps it’s the colorful characters or the artwork style. Now it makes me think that this comics could translate well into other formats like video games or cartoons. What do you think?

  3. This is so much foon :). I like this series on Globa a lot and am eager to find out about all the other swimps. Purpaula is an interesting character and I’d like to read more about her superpower. I’ve really enjoyed getting acquainted with this series. It’s so creative and entertaining and would be great to open up the imagination of kids and let them dream about other worlds and possibilities.

  4. I feel that you do a great job putting personalities with the characters in your comic. Great job!

  5. Lol! So cute Poo Wee Tah is a magical phrase…..more power to Purpaula! 🙂 Very cute comic here. Apparently on Swimp, even the smallest person(?) has unimagined power. 🙂

  6. These are great and a lot of fun. The dialogue is simple but the images make it very effective indeed. Now I understand what Globa is! The Purpaula is very cute. I’m pretty sure that my daughter would really enjoy these comics. I especially like the colours. Globa looks like a gorgeous planet to live on.

  7. Fun and goofy strip! I like the clarity of your characters — there’s a clear distinction in personality and physicality and that makes for an entertaining contrast. Love the final panel’s pullout to a global view.

  8. Purpaula’s tickle heard around GlŌba was funny. Chummie was freaking out! It is interesting she has no sense of pain. I cannot believe she has the power to kick Chummie across the whole planet! Poo Wee Tahh is a pretty rad catch phrase. Space webcomics and Swimps are awesome. Swimps are great They are so mysterious, I love learning about all of their powers. Great job GlŌba comics.

  9. I’m 5’1 and I would love to have that kind of strength.Purpaula is one of those overly positive characters that she sees the good in everything.The not truely understanding different concepts is what makes it even more comical! Curious to know what Poo Wee Tahh means!

  10. Hahaha, for such a little thing, she definitely knows how to pack a strong kick. I wish I was that strong. Poor Chummie, he just wanted to enjoy his apple, and he ended up on the other-side of the planet.

  11. Hahahaha! What is the special power she has to kick Chummie? I wish I could have the same power in me 😉 . Great going keep it up 😉

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