PeeNoor People #2

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24 thoughts on “PeeNoor People #2

  1. Every single comic in this website is so well done!! This one is so funny just like all of the others!! Wonderful job!

  2. Every single comic in this website is so well done!! This one is so funny just like all of the others!! Wonderful job!

  3. Overall great comic!! I could not stop laughing when I read Blif-Hole. I totally gonna use that word in the furture. great work! 😀

  4. This is dark humor presented in such a deadpan manner. I love it! The artwork seems to downplay the message but it works so well because it speaks the truth about art and artists. The artwork is a combination of old-school drawing and modern style, which makes it accessible to a new generation of comic readers.

  5. Haha, meteor selfie should be a new trend :). This comic is both funny and still has that air of truth underneath, that artists sometimes create chaos to realize an artistic vision.

  6. Quirky and entertaining! I like the twists and turns when it seems like the story is over but it’s not. It’s a nice commentary on the life of an artist coupled with the narcissism of this current social media/selfie culture in a simple and humorous format. Keep up the good work.

  7. Terrific social commentary! True, Quee Quay’s selfie was amazing, but the blind pursuit of one’s own passion ends up destroying a planet and starting a war with the surviving son! This is really brilliant. You have to laugh reading this stuff, and the artistry is so delightful, but the message is there. What a great way to step into each character’s shoes and draw their dialogue from their unique point of view. And I adore your art! So cute – but I can see a deeper side to you now. 🙂

  8. Bilf Hole had me confused at first and actually made me re-read the comic to make sure I saw that right. Good work on that!

  9. Art is really good. There are so many ways to look at it that you really can get confused.

  10. Hahaha! Out of chaos can come beauty….I don’t know about that selfie though. :/ But this definitely brings to mind many artists that I know…..they’re so unconventional and not “normal”, but yet their pieces are still hot tickets. Cute strip….great message to artists, to do your own thing….just don’t blow people up, and definitely not on their birthdays! 🙂

  11. This is tragi-comic! Blowing up a planet for the sake of art is certainly an apt metaphor for those who put aesthetics before ethics and I love the idea of a selfie in space. I think this is very witty but I feel really sorry for the mum blown up on her birthday, who will never get to open the present…

  12. Lol, love that he created a constellation of himself! And the dramatic illustration to demonstrate some of the ridiculous things people do in the name of art:P

    1. Yeah, he was all like, “I’ll make my own constellation then”. Then that was what he did.

  13. Peenor People! This one reminded me of Rick and Morty. I think fans of Rick and Morty would enjoy your comics. Its true, great art is a dance with chaos. Another great space and alien comic. Think of all the meteor selfies that would be around if us millennials had Pennor power. It sure did inspire me as an artist. Space webcomics are great. Really enjoyed the creativity of this comic. Aliens are always up there doing crazy things making planet art.
    Peenor People QuEE QuAY

  14. This was great on so many different levels! I agree that as an artist you create from your heart and a great bolf artist will step over boundaries in order for that creation to happen to feed their own ego. Of course you will have your critics that will tell you why they are personally offended and not see the beauty…although in this case it’s a legit reason. Overall a funny comic…keep them coming!

  15. Haha! Aww, poor Mum, getting blown up on her birthday. I have to agree with the other comments – it definitely reflects on true life! A lot of artists only think about the beauty of something, and not the long term effects of the beauty. I said, a lot, not all. There are always exceptions.

  16. That was soo funny haahahah I can’t stop laughing 😉 The best part of this comic is Artist’s don’t apologize for their greatness and that is something very true. Thank you for sharing this ultimate comic 😉

  17. Hahah this is so funny! What I love about this is how it’s humorous but also based partly in fact. So many people, not just artists, will do things that are unkind or morally objectionable but then not apologize because they think they’re doing it for the “greater good” or for art. Great comic!

  18. I agree with Britanica, BILF-HOLE was hilarious!I like the characters a lot and the “art at any cost” theme makes a pretty funny setup. I’d want to blast QuEE QuAY too!

  19. This is just true to life, people make art regardless if it puts down other people. There aren’t only “mad scientists”, there must be “mad artists” as well! But isn’t it madness that fuels greatness? P.S. haha! Love the BILF-Hole reference. QuEE QuAY is a hell lotta crazy!

  20. This one made me laugh when I read ” BILF-HOLE” lol!! It is funny because a lot of artists think like this. They will ruin people’s live sin the name of art and not apologize for it because to them, it was just art. I see the humor but I see a direct connection with how people in the real world act. I enjoyed this one. Also, mentioning his explosion as a “selfie” was funny too haha! The little gift sitting on the ship was a cute touch as well. What inspired this one?

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