Introducing Oh-No the littlest Swimp!

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26 thoughts on “Introducing Oh-No the littlest Swimp!

  1. Awesome comic indeed, there are lot of gift ideas here, the Whooga T-shirt caught my eyes, i love anything out of the ordinary, your stuff is funny, in a good way and people would love them as gift, including me, your energy is great, simple and genious

  2. Another hilarious strips! Congrats to your creativity! I wish to see more stories about oh-no! He’s cute, nasty and happy! I like his character!

  3. This is an Amazing story! Again, I like the creative story telling of this story. It’s a great way to talk with children about the importance of the big picture. Putting the items in a neat pile was important but smashing them while doing so was not. A great way to talk to children about the importance of doing things nice as well as neat and in order.

  4. To be completely honest this is my favorite one !! I absolutely love this one.. This doesn’t mean that I don’t like the others.. it just means that I find this one the best!! AWESOME!

  5. I think your comics can make any grown up smile or even laugh ! Your talent is undisputed!!

  6. I just love when I end up laughing after reading one of your comics.. Great job again, my friend!!

  7. I’m sure that a lot of children can relate to Oh-No and all the trouble the littlest Swimp gets into. This is a beautifully illustrated comic. The bright colors are really compelling and the characters are really creative. Great job!

  8. Omg this is so perfect!!, you should definitley post more of the swimps. Loving these web comics

  9. Wow… your comic is so amasing, thanks for sharing this. Me too i like making cartoons but i am a kid.

  10. Wow thank you for posting this, keep up the good work! the characters are unique and lovely. I hope to see a cartoon one day!

  11. Great. I like humor in comics, could very well appeal to both kids and adults. In fact, I am making a comic company and I need help on cartoony stuff. You do amazing work.

  12. Such a catchy comics theme, my 5 year old daughter LOVES these comics. Best into ever. I miss my youth. How ironic.

  13. Pretty simple and funny. Is one of my kid’s favorites web comics. Thanks for the laughs. i love it !!

  14. This comic strip is sooo cute, my little cousin loved it very much! She says the swimps are adorable and even started drawing them herself. Seems you got yourself a new little fan 🙂

  15. haha Love these comics. It’s the funniest on the internet. Not only is it clever and funny, but there’s a lot of art work put into it. Much respect to you.

  16. Love your comics (obviously). This made my day! Super awesome. I wonder what the day of a Swimp is like?!

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