PeeNoor People #4

PeeNoor #4

Welcome to the totally off the wall PeeNoor People #4 Hold on tight and don’t worry if you don’t get it at first!

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18 thoughts on “PeeNoor People #4

  1. Omg so much weird stuff going on in this world! Haha I am a cross between grossed out and very entertained. Would enjoy more like this!

  2. The pee and the poop with krep krap burst the laughter in me! I wonder where the author of this site is taking his wide and deep-seated imagination from to be able to create something wonderful and funny as this one!

  3. I will surely come back to read more awesome comics like this one, buddy! Thank you for making me laugh so much..

  4. Well, I have almost read all your comics and I must admit that they are getting better and better! Again, you have hit the spot with this fantastic comic!

  5. Ruler of the tiny gonode plantes and poop eater . This made my day. Absolutley lovley and fun

  6. I love reading comics. They are really funny when you’re not feeling well, and you need a good laugh. I love the logical jokes, that make me go “Oh wow!” when I eventually figure out what they mean. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  7. Brilliant! so amazing. All stories are extra ordinary and very funny. Just worth to share.

  8. lol Very intelligent humor. its pretty awesome. The robot bit is da funniest one.

  9. I was reading through all these comics and this one made me laugh the most. I don’t know what made you think of this but the through of some large pink head somewhere in space sucking down soul poo made me laugh like I was 5 again! haha

  10. I read through this twice and at first I was like wait, I don’t get it… Then I started laughing. The robot bit made me bust out laughing so much so my husband walked in the room and said “Are you okay?” haha! I love these comics. I will read the others. Wish I had found them sooner! Thanks for the smiles 🙂

  11. Just wanted to drop in a comment as say that I love you sense of humor and comic style. Keep up the great work! My 8 year old son LOVES these comics. He actually wants me to buy him a mug 🙂 You have two supporters with us.

  12. Another amazing work I found it truly awesome! This comic reminds me of a funny incident with my family one evening 10 years ago when I was around 20 years old. Thanks for putting old memories in my brain!

  13. There is little doubt this “masterpiece” will be hung in the great halls of Louvre Museum. LOL. I merely jest in good humor! Please bear in mind sir I’m no nesh criticaster. In truth these PeeNoor Comics do ensorcell me in a pantagruelian way. Sorry to bore you with my sesquipedalian speech, but I came to inquire of the Pink Floating Head. Who is he what are his daily activities?

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