The Improbable Sody Man #1

Sody Man 1

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20 thoughts on “The Improbable Sody Man #1

  1. I tell you, i look forward to come and a have good lough at Peenoor fun store, language they used is fascinating, grape sody and lard chips? mmm yummy! Mr Sody man, this is great work right here, great use of words will appeal young ones and those whore are young at heart.

  2. Ahhh this made me laugh! I am a tiny bit addicted to soda — glad to see I have some good company. Love the couch into car conversion:D

  3. After reading Sody Man yesterday. I couldn’t put the soda down for some reason. Can’t wait to see Sody Man in action. Who is going to be his Arch-Nemesis? The Evil Sucrosous?

  4. This is funny and the story is very creative! The words are quite out-of-this world but readers could still understand the story and detect how funny and meaningful it could be! I have been browsing the comic strips in this site and the good mood never left me.

  5. This is a bit different to the other comic strips I’ve read of yours. It’s definitely still funny, but in a more adult way, I guess, though I think older children will still find this funny. I still love the illustrations, though super slob isn’t as cute as your other characters 🙂

  6. My brother has been going through a lazy faze lately. He lost his job and his apartment so he has been staying with me. When I seen this I showed it to him and he started laughing but then I said “I wouldn’t laugh too hard, that’s you!” HAHA! He was so mad but I always tease him. I am just glad he got a laugh out of it. I loved it as well.

  7. I think it is hilarious that his sofa is his actual hero car! It is funny how he is all posh and high class and then he drinks that junk and becomes a slob. It is ironic too because bad food tends to make us all a bit sloppy and lazy. I know when I eat too much I just wanna lay on the couch for hours lol

  8. I am picking up on some hidden humor here! Out of all the comics you have done I think it is safe to say this is the most adult. I really enjoyed it. I would actually love to see this stuff become a show on Adult Swim. You should get in to talks with an animator and do short shows on Youtube. I am telling you, this is GOLD!

  9. Alright so this one had me rolling! When I read “fructose bastards” I lost it! Me and my close friend Lynn go to the gym, eat well, and all that. We even live in San Fran as well. What made me lose it was the funny fact that I refer to HFCS like it is a living person all the time! I have even said “those corn syrup bastards” LOL! Love this! I am going to share it on my Facebook if you don’t mind.

  10. OMG! This is hilarious! I am not sure what or who you are making fun on in this, but I find the humor great. It us funny to take a concept of being unhealthy and turning it in to a hero to actually fight what the guy has actually become. Great adult humor with child-like graphics. My cup of tea! haha

  11. As a certified health coach I’m always up for immersing myself in health related information so I loved this! I think it would be a great start to a book showing kids how sugar affects their health and how dangerous it can really be in excess.

  12. Seems like this would be a cool way to talk to children about the importance of eating healthy and in moderations. Again, I think this blog is a great tool to help talk to children about a broad range of subjects. Using your imagination can be hard for some parents to do for various reasons, but this blog can help with bringing the child out of any adult.

  13. The art is pretty unique, you can either love it or don’t love it, but you just can’t “not notice it”. I think it’s appealing to children because of the bright colours, funny face expression and curvy lines used to draw the characters. The theme of the comic is also amusing and unique, I mean “high fructose bastards” and “barreling down Grape Sody and Lard Chips his acid sweat mixes with the noxious coins left in the Ultra Couch” is simply hilarious xD Keep it up!

  14. The world is a better place thanks to Sody Man! Where would we be without his personal sacrifice?
    I love this! Barreling down grape sody and lard chips and mixing his acid sweat with noxious coins in the Ultra couch. That’s hilarious!
    I’m really impressed with the layout of this comic. The colors are striking and the images are compelling. Mix that with the unique story line and I’d say it’s simply brilliant! I look forward to reading more.

  15. I think this comic is really good! Great ideas as always! Keep up the good work.. 🙂

  16. Wow such a great comic again, I really like this one! Deadpool should totally work it Sody Man xD

  17. This is a unique idea… I can’t say that I resonate with the humor (it’s not my cup of tea), but it does remind me of the style and content you would see on Cartoon Network or something similar. What really caught my eye was the merchandise. It’s interesting! I like the style of several of the characters. Particularly those on the clear iPhone cases. The artist is quite talented!

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