PeeNoor #5 Cactus Curse!

PeeNoor #5

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15 thoughts on “PeeNoor #5 Cactus Curse!

  1. This is absolutely hilarious! It was so funny when the cactus insulted the invisible robot, like our friend Larry Matthews, I just feel it was so funny when the robot replied ” my program can’t take insults…I think I may explode.” And it did, such a brilliant humor. The v-coin with 4 credits is just like how the kids go to video games arcade to have fun, I think kids and teenagers can relate to this very well. I hope that you can continue bringing joy to the readers through this kind of comics.

  2. I couldn’t stop laughing after reading “My zipping bake tunnel”. I mean I know what it would say if a human in the real world were to swear but something about a cartoon alien saying swears like this, it just brings back my childhood. I look forward to seeing what happens next with the PeeNoor people!

  3. A rocket space thong!? LOL!!! The PeeNoor People is my favorite out of all the ones you do. I never realized it but the name actually sounds like pener hahah! I must sound like a child but these comics make me laugh so much. Never stop making them.

  4. I have read these comics over the last few days and I must admit, I had no idea what was going on but then I got the humor. Once you realize the sense of humor this comic goes for, it all makes sense! I have always loved space themed humor and this one is one of my favorites!

  5. I am a child at heart and while I don’t like swearing or cursing I love to laugh at words that sound that way. When the cactus started saying the insults I lost it. I am not sure if this is for adults, for kids, or a bit of both but with a little bit of tweaking I can see this becoming a cartoon for Adult Swim!

  6. I love the humor here! I almost lost it when the thing bit came up. I am not sure what in the world inspires these comics but I love them. I like how you keep a story going. Keeps you hooked to see what happens next! Well done, sure made me smile 🙂

  7. I love this series; I adore the originality here – both in the characters and artwork. With so much derivative content being produced it’s so refreshing to find work that is so fresh and completely unique. What a fabulous world you have created!

  8. I like the twists, one from the space cactus ( insults) and the other from Rocket Thong! Both Oouch!!!!!

  9. Wow, i love your sense of humor, your work brings out your crazy and fun creativity ever, I am glad to have found your site, you just made my day, i know few friends who love Comic store, I absolutely love your t-shirt, i hope you deliver to UK

  10. Wow, geiler Comic 🙂 Absolut. Ich hab mich schlapp gelacht. Ha-Ha.

    Allerdings komm ich da auch nur mit, weil mein Englisch gut genug dafür ist. Hier mein Kollege hat es gar nicht geschnallt. Vielleicht mache ich mich mal dran und übersetze das mal ins Deutsche. Wobei. haha. Vielleicht ist es dann nur noch halb so lustig. Wer weiss…

    1. Servus Rainer, cool, ich dachte, hier seien nur englische Fanboys. Da hab ich mich wohl getäuscht!

  11. Who wouldn’t love to have a Burn Hole Rocket Thong? What a great way to escape from the evil space cactus! Thanks for posting this fun cartoon, I love forward to reading more PeeNorr People adventures.

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