BlooBee’s Hidden Muscles!

BlooBee is Swimp who gains strength through collecting Swimp Sparks from fun happy deeds! BlooBee is featured in the book ARE U A SWIMP?..

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18 thoughts on “BlooBee’s Hidden Muscles!

  1. I think that it is awesome when you create funny comics..But when you are introducing a positive message inside, I think that it is the best! Great work as always!

  2. How awesome that the Swimps have special powers! Can’t wait to see some more of them. Wow, that snake sure blew up fast! That was a real surprise! I love the fact that the Swimps get their power from delight and doing good deeds. This is awesome! 🙂

  3. I think you are going the right way with your comic. Sending a positive message and then showing it through drawings is not that easy to do.

  4. Very nice! You could teach someone about judging and confidence with something like this! Good work!

  5. Bloobee is awesome! 🙂 And what a great lesson….to not judge a person by their size or the way they look. I’m only 5’2, but I’m definitely a fire-cracker! And it’s great that this shows that everyone, even the big guys, need help at times. just don’t be afraid to admit it and ask when needed.

  6. This is very funny and I really like the colours but is the message that the big brown creature can’t defend himself? And who is he anyway? And why is being attacked by the evil worm? And why does he say ‘luv luv’? Sorry for all the questions. The worm is actually very sinister – I’m even scared of it!

  7. Fun strip! I like the background colors in this one — they contrast and complement the characters really well. And I agree with others on liking the positive morals of your comics.

    1. I felt the same way about the colors. The positives that you can take away are a good thing to add to your comic. It is good for children especially.

  8. Bloobee’s hidden muscles sure did fool me. Bloobee is my favorite Are You a Swimp? Bloobee is such a kind swimp to come back to save his friend after being made fun of. That snake is shady! He said bye to Bloobee all sweet and then flipped a switch. Really creative web comic, this particular GlŌba comic strip was my favorite. Bloobee deserves so many Swimp Sparks! Cannot wait to see what the future has in store for him at tY lOnEy pOwEr!

  9. Swimps rule! Don’t judge by apperance, learn to listen and accept help from others, also there will always ne somebody that is bigger and stronger yhan you. SORRY, I’m a teacher, so I can see a lesson in everything I read. But On the comic side, what is the worm and red monster called and are they reoccurring characters?

  10. Hahahaha that was a funny incident. Actually I also went through the same situation when I was pursuing my high school degree hahahaha. Keep up the good work!

  11. This is wonderful! You should never turn someone away or be rude to them because you never know when you may need there help and this is a perfect example of that. Also SO cute and great that he gets his power from people being nice! What a wonderful way to instill kindness in people

  12. The artwork is cute and colorful and the fact that Bloobee has to perform good deeds to build strength and the strip has a moral behind are awesome!Nice to see a positive comic strip.

  13. Aww, I love how there is a lesson hidden underneath this cute little comic strip. This is very true to people as well (especially guys), they think they are too macho to ask for help from other people, but no man is an island, other people’s strengths fill in for one’s weaknesses. Thus, that’s how the world progresses! I wonder how big Bloobee will grow once he collects even more Swimp Sparks!

  14. I like how it takes good random acts of kindness to give Bloobee his powers. It is both encouraging and lesson worthy. It is funny because a simple little comic like this can make one think. Often times people walk around being all hard and tough, showing off, and proving they are better than others but then you have people who just enjoy helping others because of the feeling it gives them. Eventually, everyone needs a helping hand! Loved this comic, keep it up!

  15. I’m glad Swimp gets his power from doing good things. We all need more positive role models. this is a great message and one that needs to be out there more. Thanks, very cute.

  16. This reminds me of the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover”! It’s clear Swimp’s tiny exterior is only a small part of who Swimp could potentially be!

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